Cooling System Testers & Adapters

MotoRad’s pressure tester will allow the testing of the cooling system and your radiator pressure cap. The tester offers a large color coded gauge with readings up to 30 Lbs/207 Kpa. The gauge facing will give you accurate reading in Kpa. and Lbs.

Cooling System Tester

MotoRad offers a complete unit that is capable of testing the vehicle's cooling system or the radiator cap. The tester is sold in a kit that includes the complete unit with two of the most popular adapters in a compact pocket molded durable case. The tester body is constructed of plated steel and is fitted with a large, easy to read gauge. The tester offers a large color coded gauge with reading up to 30 Lbs/207 Kpa.

Cooling System and Radiator Cap Adapters

MotoRad offers a variety of adapters, each designed to fit the cooling system or radiator cap. The adapters are made of polished steel or high impact plastic. As a safety feature, there is a pressure release bar. It will release the pressure in the radiator neck or the radiator cap for easy release.