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Fishman Wins General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award
September 8, 2014

Fishman Thermo Technologies was honored last week with the “General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award”. This prestigious award was presented by General Motors (GM) in recognition of Fishman’s outstanding performance at its manufacturing site in Misgav, Israel. Suppliers who receive this award have met or exceeded a very stringent set of quality performance criteria, and have achieved the cross-functional support of the entire GM organization.

"Our focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement led to this recognition by General Motors," said Offer Shachar, Fishman Thermo Technologies CEO. “We are proud of our employees’ excellent and professional work to support our customers, and the fact that this work has been acknowledged by such a valued customer. General Motors is known for setting high expectations for its suppliers. It is an honor to be among those who have exceeded those standards."

In a note from the Executive Director of General Motors, the Fishman management team was congratulated for its leadership in establishing the quality culture that continues to result in products that are great for GM and its customers, as well as for Fishman Thermo Technologies itself.

Fishman Thermo Technologies is an industry leader that designs and manufactures automotive thermostats, as well as fuel, oil and radiator caps used in OEM and Aftermarket applications worldwide. Fishman Thermo Technologies is the parent company of MotoRad Germany, MotoRad USA and MotoRad de Mexico.

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