Seals & Gaskets

MotoRad offers an extensive line of adhesive backed thermostat gaskets and rubber seals to support thermostat installation. MotoRad's thermostat gaskets are made from high quality materials suitable for resistance to high temperatures and engine coolant to maintain a good seal. The adhesive backing also reduces installation time by ensuring proper alignment and ease of installation. MotoRad's thermostat seals are precision designed and made from high quality rubber products ensuring an accurate fit and durability for a long lasting seal. When a thermostat requires a single seal for all of its applications, MotoRad includes the seal with the thermostat to service the complete job and ensure customer satisfaction. Also, a seal will be included when precise alignment of the seal to the thermostat is required. This is a benefit to the DIY customer and the professional installer, as this information may only be known by the OEM through service bulletins.