Tech Tips

Purpose of a Jiggle Valve on a Thermostat

The purpose of the jiggle valve is to eliminate any air that may be trapped within the cooling system and allow it to pass by the thermostat. Read More

Flushing and Filling Your Cars Radiator

Inspect your radiator and radiator hoses for rust or weak spots. If there is no rust or damage and the hoses are not cracked or collapsed, proceed. If damage is detected, take to your local, trusted car care professional.Read More

Thermal Shock Within Coolant System and How it Affects Gaskets

 Low amounts of coolant and/or debris in the radiator can lead to a loss in the ability of the cooling system to do its job. This could result in the engine overheating.Read More

GM-Specific Flushing Tip

Mixing conventional coolant, that's ethylene gycol based, with the DEX-COOL that GM vehicles are filled with before leaving the manufacturing plant will significantly reduce the length of its service interval from 5 yrs/150,000 miles to 2 yrs/30,000 miles. Read More

6 Ways To Winterize Your Vehicle

Now is the time to winterize your vehicle with these steps. Be sure to have fresh coolant in your radiator as specified in your car's owner's manual. Also, switch to a thinner oil during the frigid winter months. Inspect your battery and make sure it is keeping a charge. Read More

3 Hazards of Using an Ill-Fitting Gas Cap

A gas cap that doesn't fit right is a hazard to the owner and the environment in the following ways: 1. It allows fuel to evaporate and escape the gas tank and pollute the environment. Read More

Why Isn't Water an Acceptable Substitute for Antifreeze?

Water - A Short Term Substitute for AntifreezeAlthough water can be used for a very short time when antifreeze isn't available, it isn't a good long term substitute. Although it is needed as a conductor of heat, using straight water can lead to issues with rust and corrosion. Read More