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High-Flow Thermostats

MotoRad is the only thermostat manufacturer to offer three different quality ranges for thermostats. The good thermostat meets OE Standards, while the better High-Flow MotoRad thermostat increases overall coolant flow in the engine. The best offering is MotoRad’s patented Fail-Safe. In the event of overheating, the patented Fail-Safe thermostat locks in the open position allowing coolant to continue to flow to the engine.

MotoRad’s High Flow thermostats are made of stainless steel and have enlarged openings to provide increased flow. MotoRad is the only thermostat manufacturer that produces true "High Flow" thermostats for today's higher performance engines. These parts also feature a triple-bridge design that increases strength, stability and reliability. High-flow thermostats also have a bypass valve that allows a small amount of coolant to circulate before fully opening.

A standard thermostat flows about 37 gallons of coolant per minute. With MotoRad’s High-Flow thermostat, that number jumps to 56 gallons per minute. That’s almost a 50 percent increase in coolant flow. This additional flow of coolant is important for today’s high powered engines, high performance vehicles, towing, extreme heat and cold temperatures, extreme terrains and stop-and-go traffic.

And what does increase coolant flow mean for your engine? The increased coolant flow will reduce the delay in engine warm-up times, allows trapped air in the cooling system to escape and stabilizes the pressure of the cooling system overall.

Only MotoRad offers a true high-flow thermostat with improved performance for the toughest driving conditions.

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