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Thermostat Housings

If your thermostat is integrated inside of the water outlet and cannot be removed from it, it is called an integrated thermostat housing. Car manufactures began using integrated housing thermostats in the early 1990’s. By the early 2000’s, integrated thermostat housings were installed on approximately 30% of all new vehicles. These integrated thermostat housing thermostats remain very popular today.

MotoRad was the first manufacturer to identify this shift towards integrated thermostat housings and has been the clear leader in the design, manufacturing and coverage ever since. MotoRad is consistently first-to-market with new parts and even offers integrated housing thermostats in alternate temperatures.

MotoRad is a leading designer and manufacturer of the new map controlled thermostats. With a map controlled thermostat, an optimal operating temperature is set according to “maps” stored in the Engine Control Module by heating the thermostat electrically and adjusting the radiator fan settings. Cooling is then adapted to the engine’s overall performance and load state.

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