Automotive Thermostats

State-of-the-art equipment, strict quality control, and functional testing to each thermostat ensure customers that they can trust the high quality product used in their vehicle.

MotoRad offers the only true good, better, best in the industry with standard flow, High Flow / Performance, and the patented Failsafe thermostats.

Standard Equipment Replacement Thermostats

MotoRad offers a full line of thermostats to replace original equipment thermostats. These parts are manufactured with high-grade dual bridge stainless steel construction and they meet or exceed all original equipment manufactures requirements. MotoRad also offers standard thermostats in many alternate temperatures.

High Flow Thermostats

MotoRad High Flow thermostats are made of stainless steel and have enlarged openings to provide increased flow. MotoRad is the only thermostat manufacturer that produces true "High Flow" thermostats for today's higher performance engines. These parts also feature a triple-bridge design that increases strength, stability and reliability. High-flow thermostats also have a bypass valve that allows a small amount of coolant to circulate before fully opening.

Fail-Safe Thermostats

The patented Fail-Safe thermostat is a revolutionary thermostat that helps protect your engine when overheating occurs. In an overheating situation, Fail-Safe automatically locks in the open position to permit maximum coolant flow. Fail-Safe is exclusively available from MotoRad.